Mita Banerjee: From Childhood Memories to Legal Advocacy

Mita Banerjee

From tender recollections of familial support to harrowing accounts of legal battles fought in the name of the oppressed, her narrative transcends mere discourse, resonating with a resounding call for societal change and empowerment. Embark on a transformative odyssey as Mita Banerjee shares her compelling narrative, illuminating the path towards a more just and equitable […]

Stories of Motherhood: Moubani Sorcar and Joysri Devi

Moubani Sorcar and Joysri Devi

A mother transcends mere gender classification, embodying a force, sentiment, and sentimentality in fostering progeny both prenatal and postnatal. Regardless of lineage, community, dialect, or nation, the quintessence remains ubiquitous. Here, I shall delve into the rapport between Moubani Sorcar and Joysri Devi during a brief tête-à-tête. Let us start with Moubani. Poulami: What heartfelt […]