Moubani Sorcar and Joysri Devi

Stories of Motherhood: Moubani Sorcar and Joysri Devi

A mother transcends mere gender classification, embodying a force, sentiment, and sentimentality in fostering progeny both prenatal and postnatal. Regardless of lineage, community, dialect, or nation, the quintessence remains ubiquitous. Here, I shall delve into the rapport between Moubani Sorcar and Joysri Devi during a brief tête-à-tête.

Let us start with Moubani.

Poulami: What heartfelt message would you convey to your mother this Mother’s Day?

MS: Delving into the depths of my thoughts, I ponder upon the profound legacy that women carry within them, a legacy of strength and resilience. My mother epitomizes this legacy, effortlessly weaving her way through the intricate tapestry of both her professional endeavors and personal life. She stands as a beacon of inspiration, casting a spell of magic upon all who encounter her. My sisters and I hold her in the highest esteem, cherishing her with boundless admiration. As we journey forward, I yearn to express to her the fervent hope that her teachings may continue to guide and inspire us, and that her blessings may grace our endeavors with success. May we continue all the teachings we have received from her.

Poulami: Reflecting on your relationship with your mother, could you share any moment from a huge gallery of moments that encapsulates your bond?

MS: The bond between a mother and her child transcends mere words; it is an enigmatic connection that defies explanation. Yet amidst the myriad moments shared with my mother, one stands out in its simplicity. It is her ability to stand in the face of adversity, her ability to navigate life’s challenges with a grace that is both humbling and awe-inspiring. I recall a time when failure weighed heavily upon my shoulders, casting a shadow of disappointment upon my mother’s gentle countenance. In her eyes, I glimpsed a silent plea for better days, a hope that I could not bear to disappoint. And so, fueled by her silent encouragement, I rose from the depths of despair, striving to achieve greatness in her honor. It was her unwavering belief in me, her quiet confidence that whispered, “You are capable of greatness,” that propelled me forward, guiding me towards a brighter tomorrow.

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Poulami: If you would share one moment with your mother that you would like to share.

MS: Mother and the child are so bonded that it is difficult to explain any one thing. However, what I realized about the power in my mother is when she deals with problems with a pinch of salt. When I grew up and tried to deal with similar situations, I realized the severe difficulty. She deals with grace.

I remember when I did horribly in exams; she was very disappointed to the extent that she cried. She simply told me that, “Can’t I expect to see good marks from you?” I don’t know with what magic she told those words but I felt for her, and the next year itself my scores were extremely good, and I was the best student in the class.

I have never seen any person like my mother who is always so correct. At times even if she looks not so correct, eventually it gets proved that she is correct. I really want to ask her from where she gets so much inspiration to always do better?

From Left: Mumtaz Sorcar, Joysri Devi, P.C.Sorcar (Jr.), Maneka Sorcar, and Moubani Sorcar

Poulami: I will surely ask the same one to your mother on your behalf. Well, tell me one favorite dish made by your mother which you relish a lot.

MS: I love everything that my mother cooks. I can taste about a hundred hands and can pick up one that is cooked by my mother. Shukto and Gota seddho are my favorite, and they are divine.

Poulami: On this occasion of Mother’s Day, our readers would like to know how you have balanced your professional front and love for your daughters?

JD: It is a magical thing (with a smile). For my children, their maternal figure manifests distinctiveness; they’ve beheld me gracing stages bedecked in attire exclusive to performances, and they’ve been privy to my stage performances. I am very close with my daughters. When the curtains would fall on my performances, my daughters adorned in ghagra would grace the stage, eliciting applause, mirth, and adoration from all present.

Poulami: From where she gets the inspirational drive to make things better than before. (As asked by Moubani).

JD: Negation is alien to me; it finds no abode in my vocabulary. I am very stubborn and an aversion to capitulation. I perpetually endeavor to innovate and refine. Maa Durga is my inspiration who vanquished malevolence with tenacious resolve, kindling my inspiration.

Few memories from the past

Poulami: What, according to you, has been the toughest part of being a mother in your life?

JD: My daughters are spaced two years or two and a half years apart. Juggling commitments during performances posed a formidable challenge, necessitating a balance. Moreover, as they commenced schooling and could no longer accompany me, my mother came to my rescue, and I could find a safe place where my children could stay and nurture themselves. It was the bastion of trust where I sought refuge for them. However, I always tried balancing the best whenever they needed me. And I was successful in doing so.

Poulami: What has been your favorite dish made by your mother?

JD: When a mother cooks for her children, its essence transcends comparison. The gustatory delight it imparts attains a celestial quality. Maa’s rendition of potoler dorma elicited sheer gastronomic delight, an exquisite culinary masterpiece.

Poulami: What is that one thing that you have inculcated from your mother?

JD: I think it is ‘Patience’ that I have always tried to inculcate from her in my life. She always advised me to have patience and that if in life we should take decisions when the mind is calm and sorted. She counselled composure, advocating for decisions made with sagacity amidst life’s tumult. There had been multiple times when there were critical situations, but I have seen my mother stay calm and handle situations with a competent mind. I think this has been an immense quality in her throughout her life, and I have tried to bring some of it into my life as well.

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