Alliance Française du Bengale

Alliance Française du Bengale Presented “Reels to Real Life”

Alliance Française du Bengale was thrilled to present “Reels to Real Life,” an evening showcasing the multifaceted talents of internationally acclaimed author and artist, Sreyashi Ghosh. The event, which took place in January was held at Alliance Française du Bengale in Kolkata.

The highlight of the evening was the screening of Ghosh’s debut short film, “Women’s Voices,” a poignant exploration of expatriate women’s shared experiences. The narrative delved into themes of gender-based violence, multiculturalism, and resilience, featuring diverse voices from around the world. Ghosh’s unique approach combined Indian indigenous art with powerful storytelling, creating a compelling commentary on life and human rights issues.

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Alokanda Roy, renowned dancer, and activist, engaged in a conversation with Sreyashi Ghosh, discussing their work with women prisoners and the impact of media on societal perceptions. Additionally, the event featured the screening of Rajaditya Banerjee’s documentary “Glass Ceiling,” highlighting the journey of young women breaking barriers in male-dominated fields.

The evening culminated in a vibrant poetry recital featuring international poets Nandala Majumdar, Iryna Vikyrchak, Rajaditya Banerjee, and Sreyashi Ghosh, accompanied by Anindita. Expressing emotions in Bengali, French, Ukrainian, and English, these esteemed authors offered a multicultural perspective through their evocative verses.

“We were delighted to showcase the talent and creativity of Sreyashi Ghosh and other distinguished artists and poets,” said the event organiser. “This event was a celebration of art, culture, and social consciousness, resonating with audiences both locally and globally.”

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