Build a relationship with YOURSELF to build relationship with others


Monika Das
NLP Practitioner,
Career Counsellor.
Motivational Speaker

Womanhood – it is the state of being a woman is itself a beautiful journey. Womanhood can’t be described in words as it is full of characteristics that make a female individual a complete woman. It comes to a lady with experience, understanding and knowledge. Observance helped me a lot in understanding ‘being a woman’.

Every time I see my mother, my sister; I see an enigmatic beauty in them. A certain glow in their face despite of the whole day struggle of keeping a pace with time and caring for each individual at home simultaneously. I do always feel women like them are so involved into caring for others that they somehow forget their own existence.

My mother is very skilled in knitting and stitching different designs on cloth. My sister is very good in singing as well as in fashion. But, nowadays I have found her not taking care of herself like before neither nurturing her singing talent. They are always busy preparing food for family, and other house hold work. This sometimes pinches me. They have lost their individuality. They lost their own self.

Womanhood is just not a state only. It is the state that defines an individual with qualities of being a wonderful person with the qualities of love, care, share, compassion and patience. Being both a woman and psychologist, I feel that we have a right to be happy. We have a right to celebrate our individuality. But, the question is how?

Let’s take a look into this.

To celebrate our own individuality as a woman we need to follow some tips:


Accept yourself as a woman. Self-acceptance is the psycho-spiritual state of mind that helps an individual to have a non-judgmental mind. Accept your existence as an individual to embrace the qualities within you. There is nothing to feel shame about neither your complexion nor the vital statistics. The onus of accepting the YOU lies on you and others will respect only when you gladly represent your soul. Accept that you too have the right to be happy.

Understand Self:

Understand yourself as a woman. Understanding the ‘self’ is the most important positive psychological tool that helps a person to become aware of own self and emotion. Thus, creates the balance in one’s personality.

Empower yourself:

We all know the word ‘women empowerment’. But what is it exactly?  I always prefer to empower myself with new things and knowledge, a part of my life that helps me to be at par with the time. Empower yourself with skills that you shall need to be on the track. There is nothing to feel shame in learning and there is an adage ‘Age is just a number’, remember that. It always helps you to be the woman you ever wanted to be.




Celebrate your individuality:

Yes, you are an individual in this big world just like your brother or like your friends and the family members. You too have your own celebrated self with potentialities to be yourself. You are unique with all your qualities. Celebrate your individuality with grace.

Love yourself:

Love yourself! This is the soul mantra of a woman in her life. She needs to love herself first to express the world about her existence. Loving self is itself a therapy that will help you too have a free happy life. Take care of yourself more. Stand in front of a mirror and say –

“ You are the prettiest lady in the world and I love myself”.

This is the simple line you should say to yourself daily to start your day with energy.

 Self Care:

Give yourself some time to pamper yourself with hot water bath, or a good skin care regime to uplift your mood daily. Do yoga or go for a walk to retain your physical health. The more healthy you are the more you will glow from inside. Spend some quality time to work on your own hobbies too.

At the end I only can say women are the creative part of God. God has created WOMAN with lot of power. Know yourself. If a woman can bear the pain giving birth to a new human being then can also meticulously take a rebirth out of her own soul. That is what we all need – love towards thy self.

Love yourself the way you are.

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