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Chocolate Pan Bahar – A Sweet Retreat For Pan & Chocolate Lovers

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Chocolate Pan Bahar

There’s a common habit seen among eastern Indians to have Pan after meal. You will get to see this habit in most of the people. Without a Pan after having a meal, the meal remains incomplete. And chocolate is a dessert that people irrespective of any age bar loves to enjoy. So what if these two after meal mandatory add-ons gets infused into one another and produces something unique and delicious.  So here’s presenting Chocolate Pan Bahar, a sweet retreat for both the Pan and Chocolate lovers.


  1. Dark chocolates 100 gm
  2. White chocolates 50 gm
  3. Fresh Cream 15 gm
  4. Dry coconut 3 tbsp
  5. Pan masala 5 -6 tbsp
  6. Chocolate Mould


  • Firstly melt the White chocolate and cream in the microwave.
  • Add coconut and pan masala to it, mix it well and keep it in a side.
  • Then melt the dark chocolate and pour it into a mould and drip the extra chocolate to get a cavity. Put it into the fridge.
  • Fill the cavity with the white chocolate mix and seal the top of the cavity with dark chocolate.
  • Keep it in the fridge and let it cool for sometimes.
  • Take it out after sometime, demould it and enjoy the unique taste of chocolate mixed with Pan Masala.
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