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Dental emergency in this lockdown is a big challenge

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Dental emergency

COVID -19 has locked down the entire world. This pandemic has certainly affected the lives of all people. We would not have imagined a life where we would be locked up in our own homes with so much uncertainty surrounding us. Social distancing has become a new norm considering the highly contagious nature of Coronavirus.

There have been instances where the Coronavirus has contracted from the patient to a doctor or vice versa. Due to the high demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) for handling major emergencies, other medical departments have been advised to remain closed.

Dentists have been advised to keep their respective hospitals and clinics closed due to high chances of virus contraction. It will also be advisable for all the patients to remain indoors rather than putting themselves to risk.
Doctors are always available on several online platforms to cater to the needs of the patient. Like  I am writing right now.

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dental rulesApart from the routine lockdown activities, it is also important to maintain good oral hygiene. First and foremost please do not try any home remedies without consulting a doctor. Many times home remedies have resulted in adverse effects. Self-medication is also dangerous. Taking antibiotics without consultation can also result in more bad than good.

Tooth pain is a dental emergency. Since dentists cannot cater to the emergency at present, the following steps need to be followed to avoid any kind of dental emergency.

1. Brushing twice a day in the morning and night after meals should be done routinely.

2 Rinsing of the mouth thoroughly with clean water after every meal. Do not let food stick around the teeth.

3. Kindly monitor the brushing in kids because it's difficult to manage a dental emergency in them.

4. Avoidance of foods which trigger tooth pain

5. Use dental products for relief only after proper consultation with a dentist.

6. Use a soft toothbrush for brushing and change the brush once in two months.

7. Keep physical activities under control to avoid any injury to the teeth and mouth.

8 Healthy and nutritious diet which includes fruits and vegetables. Better avoid the intake of junk food.

9. Avoid biting of hard food with teeth, use a knife instead.

10. Practice yoga and meditation.

11. Try to stop/quit smoking and tobacco chewing.

Lastly, in future ensure that you go for a routine dental check-up once in a year from a known and reliable dentist. Dental problems in initial stages are easy to cure than when it reaches the final stage. And also you will be more aware of the does and do not in times of emergency. Hence in future make it a point to visit a dentist once in a year. Keep safe and stay indoors.

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