She Rise Season 1

SHE RISE Season 1: A Celebration of Talent, Creativity, Hospitality, and Tourism in Bengal

Kolkata,16th June 2024 – The inaugural season of SHE RISE has concluded with resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on the participants and attendees alike. Organized by the esteemed non-profit women communities Boho Good Life Mantra (BGLM) and WICCI WB Hospitality and Tourism Council, SHE RISE Season 1 was a groundbreaking event that amplified diverse voices, empowered artists and small-scale entrepreneurs, nurtured hospitality, and uplifted tourism while fostering inclusivity.

Event Highlights:

  1. Yoga Fusion Performance:
    The event commenced with a captivating Yoga fusion performance by the renowned Madhusatta Choudhary, setting a serene and powerful tone for the celebrations.
Panelists at the Panel Discussion
  1. Panel Discussion:
    A thought-provoking panel discussion on ‘The Evolving Synergy of Art, Creativity, Tourism, and Hospitality Industries of Bengal’ featured esteemed panelists:
  • Sudarshan Chakravorty, Founder and Choreographer at Sapphire International Dance Academy.
  • Santanu Guha Thakurata, Founder and Celebrity Fashion Designer at Kolkatanama.
  • Reena Dewan, Founder and Director of Bridging Culture and Arts Foundation.
  • Amita Misra, Senior GM at Accor Group.
  • Paromita Ghosh, Director at Candid Communications Kolkata (Moderator).
Sudarshan Chakravorty, Founder and Choreographer at Sapphire International Dance Academy being felicitated

3. Contemporary Dance Performance:
Sapphire students delivered a mesmerizing contemporary dance performance on Sadguru’s verse, celebrating PRIDE month and showcasing inclusivity. Dancers Abrar Saqib and Bijoy Sharma received widespread acclaim for their performance.

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    4. Esteemed Guests and Chief Guest:
    The event was graced by Chief Guest DCP Bidhannagar Aneesh Sarkar IPS and several esteemed guests who praised the platform for bringing together leaders, artists, performers, and delegates under one umbrella. Notable guests included:

      • Raju Barman, Co-owner of Rupa Publishers and Jt Secretary of Publishers and Booksellers Guild
      • Avijit Roy, Founder and Owner of the National Human Rights Council
      • Pandit Mallar Ghosh, Internationally Acclaimed Rhythm Maestro and Music Composer
      • Dr. Swati Nandy Chakraborty, Environmentalist

      5. Award Ceremony:
      The award ceremony honored external and internal awardees for 2023-2024 in two categories:

        • Luminary Achievers: Ekta Bhattacharjee, Shwapnil Shojib, KOI Worldwide, and Samita Halder.
        • Pioneers of Progress: Sudip Bera, Partha Mukherjee, and Prabir Sarkar.
        • Internal Awardees: Members of Boho Good Life Mantra Women Empowerment Community.
        The organising team with Anindita Roy Sanyal

        6. Ramp Walk Show:
        The ramp walk featured stunning showstopper Lopamudra Mandal and show opener Raunaq Anwar, along with popular ramp faces Devika Ghosh, Heena Aftab, Bhramori Roy, Mimssi, Dipannita Basu, and Upen Bin.

        7. Live Art Auction:
        Five talented senior artists from the organization ARTISTIQUE displayed their exquisite works of art, crafted with intense dedication, for a live auction.

        She Rise Season 1 has presented an array of events under the same roof. People are looking forward to the next season.

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