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URBAN VIBE: A Revolution in Open-Ear Wireless Earphones

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, URBAN, a leading home-grown brand, has taken a giant leap forward with the introduction of their latest innovation – the URBAN VIBE Open-Ear Wireless Earphones. This article delves into the groundbreaking features, specifications, and design elements that set the URBAN VIBE apart in the competitive audio gadget market.

Unveiling URBAN VIBE:

URBAN VIBE emerges as a perfect fusion of practicality and high-quality sound output, designed to cater to the dynamic lifestyles of consumers. Pioneering air-conduction technology, these wireless earphones redefine the conventional listening experience by eliminating the discomfort associated with in-ear buds while delivering top-notch audio quality.

“With the launch of URBAN VIBE wireless earphones, we aimed to address a fundamental issue with in-ear devices – prolonged usage discomfort and compromised environmental noise reduction. Our focus is on pioneering innovations seamlessly integrating with our consumers’ dynamic lifestyles.”

Aashish Kumbhat, Co-Founder of URBAN

Specifications and Features:

  • Noise Cancellation with Qualcomm Chipset a lag-free experience, setting a new standard in wireless connectivity
  • Open-ear design and Air Conduction Technology, deliver immersive audio while keeping you connected to your surroundings
  • IPX6 water and dust resistance rating and an ultra-lightweight memory frame

Noise Cancellation Excellence –

URBAN VIBE stands out with its advanced noise-canceling Qualcomm chipset. Effectively eliminating negative environmental noises, the earphones intelligently adapt to your activities, ensuring an immersive and undisturbed audio experience.

Air Conduction Technology –

The hallmark of URBAN VIBE lies in its air-conduction technology. Placing the earbuds close to the base of the ears, it eliminates the need to insert them inside, providing unparalleled comfort and preventing hearing impairment.

Thoughtful Design and Fit –

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the URBAN VIBE wireless earphones boast a design that seamlessly combines style and comfort. Ergonomically designed for a secure and snug fit, these earphones ensure maximum comfort during extended usage.

Immerse Yourself in Audio Excellence:

High-Definition Sound Output –

URBAN VIBE guarantees an unparalleled audio experience, featuring high-definition sound output powered by a Qualcomm chipset. The open-ear design with Air Conduction Technology strikes the perfect balance between audio immersion and awareness of your surroundings.

Battery Performance Redefined

Robust Battery Life

Experience uninterrupted music playback with URBAN VIBE’s impressive battery performance. Equipped with fast Type C charging, these earphones offer a remarkable 15 hours of playtime on a single charge, minimizing the need for frequent recharging.

Seamless Connectivity:

Bluetooth Technology –

URBAN VIBE ensures seamless connectivity through Bluetooth technology, providing a reliable and lag-free connection with your devices. The touch control feature enhances the user experience, offering convenient access to various functions with just a tap.

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Voice Assistant Integration:

Hands-Free Control –

Step into the new era of convenience with URBAN VIBE’s voice assistant compatibility. A single tap allows users to effortlessly access voice assistants, adding a layer of hands-free control to daily activities.

Built for Durability:

IPX6 Water and Dust Resistance –

Designed for an active lifestyle, URBAN VIBE boasts an IPX6 water and dust resistance rating, making it an ideal companion for workouts, outdoor activities, and daily adventures. The ultra-durable memory wireframe ensures longevity, establishing these earphones as a reliable choice for the long run.

Price and Availability:

Limited-Time Offer –

URBAN VIBE is initially priced at Rs 5,999 but is available at an inaugural price of Rs 1,249 for a limited period. This highlights URBAN’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology at an accessible price point. The earphones can be purchased through the company’s website, popular e-commerce platforms, and leading retail stores across India.

URBAN, a home-grown technology brand with a legacy of over a decade, stands firm in its commitment to quality. Simplifying life and adding value through innovative products and technology, URBAN has become synonymous with premium quality and intelligent smart gadgets.

Beyond Wireless Earphones –

URBAN’s product range extends beyond wireless earphones, encompassing premium smartwatches, multi-protocol fast chargers, unbreakable cables, and Mag-Safe compatible wireless charging products. Each product reflects URBAN’s dedication to innovation and quality.

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