Who Is Better In Human Resources Female or Male?

Human resources in MBA is a popular option today. Wherever you go, you will find students pursuing this specialization today.

If you are thinking of pursuing the course or are already pursuing it, you should know about the details. Firstly, for the unversed, you should know about HR. It Is nothing, but human resources, the most unpredictable part of any organization.

Amazingly, there are quite a few Human Resources Female managers in India. Men lag in this race. But that is a story we will highlight in some time. 

What is HR?

In any organization, the Human Resources division takes care of the employees. It is mainly an employee-related function. Employees are the most valuable asset in any organization. So, you always have to take good care of them. Other functions, like marketing, finance, and IT, are predictable.

However, HR is also the most unpredictable department. You can control the other functions, but it can get difficult to control employees, as they have a mind of their own. Therefore, it becomes even more necessary to retain the talent after recruitment. 

You might already know or discover very soon that there is a huge gender divide in the HR function. Despite equality in almost all spheres, males tend to stay away from the role compared to performance and feedback. Women are found in the HR department in higher percentages.

Some management personnel argue that women must be shifted to this role, as the management can dominate it in several ways. Having a male will lead to internal tussles. Thus, many companies play it safe by recruiting females in this role. Gender stereotyping is also why females occupy more prominent positions in this field than men. Almost all companies have female hr managers in India

Biology and Gender 

These two factors have a very important role to play here. Women are said to be well-suited for such roles. Moreover, it is believed that women have a greater intangible judgemental power.

Many people also argue that women have a natural tendency to handle conflicts. Thus, women are chosen for the role. However, there may be contradictions. It is true to a huge extent that women are naturally nurturing in nature and tend to have a high EQ or EI. It is the inherent ability of women to recognize emotional patterns.

There are four main domains, empathy, social awareness, social skills, and the ability to manage one’s emotions. Women tend to dominate these parameters, which makes it easy for them to handle all kinds of situations related to the mind as HR in the office. 

Let us decode more positive traits that make women suitable for the HR function. 

  • Women can take care of multiple tasks confidently, as they are naturally multitasking. An HR manager must handle administration and training and pay the employees their salaries. Can men handle so much? 
  • Women can also act as good mediators between the company and the employees. It is because women are great communicators. They develop better training programs to upgrade the staff’s basic skills. 
  • Women are more organized at work and at home. So, it is likely that they will excel in the role. Women have a complex brain, which enables them to perform all assigned tasks with elan. 
  • Women are also much more patient than men. So, it is apt that they will be able to sit down and listen to an employee’s problems without being judgmental. 

However, it may be wrong to say that women excel in this field. Although women tend to dominate at least 70% of the industry, men do stand a chance. Men also possess a good power of observation, are diplomatic, and are always ready to help others. 

Top Female HR In India

There are many top HR managers in the corporate sector today. So, it will be unjustified to name only one. Here are a few top performers in this genre. 

  • Chithra Thomas has been appointed as the country HR leader in India by Tesla Group. She has over 18 years of HR experience. 

chithra thomas hr

  • Leena Nair is the CHRO at Hindustan Unilever. She is not only the first female CHRO but also the first Asian CHRO, as well as the youngest one in the company’s history.Leena nair hr
  • Gauri Das is an international TEDx speaker and also an engineer-turned-HR. She carries the experience of 15 years of plus. She is the lead at Membership Lead for the Mumbai Chapter of PSAI. She practices passion with compassion. Gauri Das hr

These are apt for the list of Top Female HR In India.

Moreover, these women are just apt for the HR profession or role. You will read many more names in this list as it grows. So, you can say that men and women stand a 50-50 chance, but women are more today in the role. 


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