table manners for kids

10 Dining Table Manners for Kids

Table manners and dining etiquettes are essential for all today. It is on and above the educational skills that one must have. Since times immemorial, dining and etiquette have gone hand in hand. Many people you meet for the first time will judge you based on your table manners. Thus, most schools have incorporated this skill into the syllabus early on. Kids learn table manners at school and display those manners in front of family, friends, and unknown guests. But, before you learn the most important ones, you should understand what table manners actually mean. 

What Are Good Table Manners?

You can also call table manners a part of dining manners or rules of dining. It includes using utensils, how you sit, gait, and conversing during dining. How you excuse yourself while eating also comes under its purview. You will be amazed to know that different cultures have different table manners. You, as an adult, must pay attention to table manners for kids, as it will decide their future and how they present themselves later in life. 

table manners for kids

The table manners you teach your kids will take them a long way. However, it would help if you also taught them the importance. Just teaching the manners won’t be of much help. They will not practice those manners if they do not know why they are doing something. Children who learn table manners in school and the other kids are molded in that specific manner. They love emulating one another. Group training is always a good thing for all the kids. When you teach them table manners separately, they may or may not like it or might forget as well. Hence, table etiquettes should be part of the formal school curriculum. 

What Are The Most Important Dining Etiquettes?

Here are a few table manners that are important for all to know. Every meal you serve to your kids is an opportunity to educate them. The table manners for kids create a foundation for life. However, you should not be in a hurry to teach table manners to your kids. Be patient, and they will learn better. 

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  • Washing hands and face while coming for a meal – This is the first thing you should teach your kids. It shows that the kids are showing a lot of respect to the others seated at the table. It is also an essential hygiene habit. 
  • Waiting until everybody has been served –This is another essential dining etiquette that kids should learn. It would help if you taught the kids that dinner is something to be enjoyed and not rushed into. Moreover, starting before others shows disrespect. 
  • Chewing with mouth closed –Another important dining etiquette is, eating or chewing with mouth closed. It would also help if you asked your child not to talk with their mouth closed. This is very important and hygienic as well. 
  • No stuffing –Another important dining habit you should teach your child is not to stuff the mouth with food. Teach them how small bites can help them to chew their food correctly. Keeping the fork or spoon down for a while is a good practice. They can even keep their hands on their lap. 
  • Verbal manners –You ought to teach your child to be verbally polite and use the words ‘please’ when asking for some food or asking another diner to pass the food. Saying ‘thank you’ also counts. 

table manners for kids

  • Using utensils – The usage of utensils in a proper manner is essential in a formal setting. It is also a matter of hygiene. You should discourage the use of hands as much as possible. Moreover, it would help if you taught the kids to place a napkin on their lap while eating. 
  • No criticism – This also counts in the table manners for kids. You have to teach your kids not to criticize the food at the table. Moreover, it would help if you taught kids to express gratitude towards food. 
  • Meal time is about building connections –Not just kids, but everybody should remember that mealtime is a time to bond. So, they should be keeping away distractions. So, it would help if you also asked your children or others not to carry electronics to the table. They include phones and computer games. 
  • Ask Excuse – This is another crucial table that everybody should remember. The diner should always leave the napkin on the chair if the incumbent wants to go for a toilet break or any break. Moreover, asking for permission from others is as essential. 
  • Cleaning leftovers – It is another essential practice that everyone should practice, irrespective of age. If leftover morsels of food are on the table, the diner has to clear them into the trash bin before leaving the table. If there is a designated place for the plate to be kept, it should be placed there. 

So, these are the ten dining etiquettes every man must know. It is better to incorporate such manners from school to avoid delays in social development. 


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