Caramel Mango Pudding: a desert to cherish

caramel mango pudding

Caramel mango pudding, a delicious and easy to make recipe. Mango is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants good for overall health. A British sweet dish now is available across the globe with different cuisines. However, the dish is not preferred for people with sugar issues. Ingredients: Milk Sugar Eggs Mango Process: Boil 1 litre […]

Matar Paneer Pulao: a quick vegetarian meal bowl

Matar Paneer Pulao a veg delicacy

Matar Paneer Pulao is a wise and good vegetarian wholesome meal. Matar means ‘Peas’ which has vitamins C and E, zinc, and other antioxidants that strengthen your immune system. Paneer which is a quintessential element in every household especially when it is a vegetarian day. However, chana is more preferred to panner when it comes […]

Hilsa Pulao – a fine Bengali delicacy

hilsa pulao recipe

The Hilsa fish, or ‘Ilisha’; in Bengali, is the most popular in Bengal and Bangladesh. Hilsa Pulao is a recipe that is cherished by the Illisha lovers widely. The hilsa fish is great in fatty acids and Omega-3. You will notice the doctors prescribing the dish for heart patients. It is quite famous for its […]