Mynoo Maryel: where spiritual divinity comes with professional success

Mynoo Maryel spiritual divinity

Life has its own essence and struggles but people amidst these emerge victorious. Professionals who have achieved the highest point in their lives often look displeased but that is a myth and this has been successfully proved by our life coach and business mentor, Mynoo Maryel. Let us peep into the journey that comes with […]

Female Sexuality in Bollywood: a lookthrough

female sexuality in bollywood

Sex has since long been a male bastion in India, with Bollywood particularly objectifying women and portraying sex either in a crass manner (Mastizaade) or an overtly erotic way (Raaz). Very little focus has been placed on women and their sexuality, and as Actor Vishwas Kini rightly puts it, many men in India do not […]