inner peace

Discover the Secret to Inner Peace and Everlasting Happiness!

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lost in the muck and mire of materialism, when life ages at just 30 or 40, love becomes stale and glamour loses its sheen and spark; drugs and pills no longer work… then begins the Quest… the quest for peace, tranquility, happiness, joy and more and more and more…going towards discovering our Inner Peace!

Indian cultural traditions have always provided the necessary and the required comfort and solace for a well-balanced, healthy, and beautiful life. The core of music, dance, yoga, Ayurveda, and others were based on purposes and value systems. The purpose was the betterment of man and mankind and respect and value for the universe. The value was an integrated and a well-coordinated holistic approach!

Our Rishis recognized the underlying commonality, the unseen thread which ran through even the apparently most varied and divergent expressions of Nature…the many aspects and facets of Life! The answer was in Adhyatam, translated as Spirituality, though the two being very different in meaning! A way to find inner peace.

Adhyatam is about knowing your Atman. Every being is bestowed with its own individuality (a power and an authority which is only specially his – the Atman which is the aspect of the manifestation of the Brahma in him… and thus it becomes important to know one’s own ‘self’; our first step towards solving and resolving many problems by themselves or with the slightest of efforts, for most of the times we are running for things and setting up goals in a blind imitation of others, whether they are our needs or not.

Knowing yourself will not only bring in more awareness of one’s strengths and limitations but will also lead to the taking of right choices in selecting and appointing the deserving, the talented, and the bona fide, thereby bringing an end to many of the problems arising out of ‘wrong people in the right places’. And in a way you can have your inner peace and calmness.

Another important and healthy way towards leading a balanced life is Yoga. Apart from the physical body, it also impacts our emotional and mental states. It has the power to transport us to metaphysical levels where there is bliss – ananda! It teaches us restraint which in turn creates room and space for others to also get their share in the rightful and honest attainment of power, position, or money – abundance, they rightly deserve.

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Not to forget the concept of the ‘causata kala’ (64 arts), which not only include the performing and the plastic arts but also sculpture and painting, agriculture, cooking, weaving, drawing, and so forth.

Scientific in their approach, they not only help in developing the creative faculties, thereby naturally and effectively also reducing the levels of stress, traumas, and tensions but simultaneously divert the energy towards better and constructive areas of human betterment and happiness.

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