International Women’s Day Celebrated throug Dialogue and Diversity

This International Women’s Day, Dr. Andrew Fleming, British Deputy High Commissioner , and Christina Scott, Minister and Deputy High Commissioner to India, inaugurated the event on 8th March 2024 at British Council, Kolkata. The focus was on celebrating diversity and inclusion through dialogue.

The documentary, ‘Women’s Voices’ by Sreyashi Ghosh, showcased women from diverse backgrounds sharing their unique experiences. From a French Psychologist to an Indonesian model, the documentary amplified voices often unheard.

Renowned figures like Subha Das Mollick and Niladri Chatterjee participated in a panel discussion moderated by Sreyashi Ghosh. The conversation delved into sensitive topics like gender identity and stereotypes.

From Left – Riccardo DallaCosta (Italian Consul General), Christina Scott Minister and Deputy High Commissioner to India and Dr. Andrew Fleming ( British Deputy High Commissioner,Kolkata)

Artistic Expression Meets Human Rights Advocacy

There was a screening of a documentary which has been presented in a unique blend of art and human rights issues. Prof. Niladri used a Batman analogy to explain gender identity nuances. Prof. Das Mollick aimed to define Patriarchal feminism more precisely. Sreyashi, the Director of the Documentary, has emphasized on gender based violence being the main thread in the movie that unites all women from multicultural backgrounds is the fact that women are survivors. 

Rukshana Kapadia, a celebrated Food Critic, joined the discussion on gender issues and intersectionality. The panel engaged in a riveting dialogue, addressing complexities surrounding gender fluidity and patriarchal norms.

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‘Women’s Voices’ served as a poignant commentary on life, intertwining aesthetic appeal with human rights advocacy. Each narrative depicted in the documentary portrayed the resilience and strength of women facing gender-based violence.

The inauguration of International Women’s Day at British Council Kolkata echoed a call for action. Through dialogue and diverse perspectives, the event emphasized the importance of addressing gender issues and promoting inclusivity in society.

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