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Conversation of Dr. Saswati Biswas with Woman Times

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Doctor Saswati Biswas Eye Specialist

Today, we have the best discussions up here. You must have seen the posters on social media about the personality you will be meeting. Health and wellness sessions are in demand. Healthcare, especially the preventive sort, is what everybody is looking for today. We have a doctor with us, Dr. Saswati Biswas, who is a renowned Ophthalmologist. She is a multi-talented personality.

She has been featured in Woman Times Achiever’s Diary as well. She is a doctor, model, artist, and mandala art-maker.

Conversation of Dr. Saswati Biswas with Woman Times

WT: We generally discuss severe issues with doctors. Today, it will be a different experience. Our guest is a multi-talented personality. How did you manage to do so much parallel to the medical career?

Dr. Saswati :The pandemic has brought with it a lot of challenges. Apart from handling patients, where I saw depression everywhere, I felt the need for more. That is when I decided to take things in my way. I started going back to school hobbies.

WT: You are good elocutionist. Do you want to recite something today?

Dr. Saswati: We will definitely do it.

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WT: Our topic of discussion is eye care for all. We have all become mobile and laptop dependent. It is the same for all of us. Children have to do online classes. And, we are all working continuously from home. Give some suggestions for parents.

Dr Saswati : Yes, we are digital screen dependent today, out of compulsion. We have to continue this, as there is no way out. However, we have to take some preventive measures as well. Computer Vision Syndrome is a problem that most children are facing.

The symptoms are dry eyes, itching, and haziness. When your child is sitting in front of the screen, as a parent have to ensure one-hand distance from the screen. Moreover, the screen should be slightly below eye level, not much.

Parents have to ensure that the arm should have proper support. Additionally, the child should sit straight. If you are not encouraging the child to keep their spine directly, they could develop problems later. You have to ensure that the room is comfortably lit.

You also have to ensure that your child blinks and looks away from the screen from time to time. The same goes for the adults. Take a break every 20 minutes. All must maintain their tears.

Also, get your eye power checked regularly. Many young women do not want to wear glasses. As doctors, we do not encourage young girls to wear contact lenses. Pres-biopic is also quite common for above 40-plus people. This happens at 35, as well. You have to undergo the treatment, which is spectacles or glasses.

The power will reduce or remain at that level. If you do not wear these, you are straining your eyes. Today, so many stylish frames have entered the market.

WT: Your words will solve half the problem of people. You speak so well.

Patient query :My father, is 75+ and will undergo cataract surgery.

Dr. Saswati  Today, you need not worry at all. Phaco surgery is the primary modality today. We can solve the problem with the help of advanced procedures. We can numb the eyes with drops and perform the surgery as well. It is painless, and one can get it done at 90 as well. You can take a bath after a week and wash your eyes.

WT: You can contact Dr. Saswati Biswas online as well.

Patient Query from(Kestopur): My father is 70+ years and has no vision in one eye. How will I maintain his other eye vision?

Dr. Saswati: First, we have to know the reason behind vision loss. It can be due to optical nerve loss. You need to pay attention to the eyes. Your father has to maintain one look. Check them for power increase, get the surgery done, if required, and also get the eye checked regularly. If there is itchiness in the inactive eye, you should also inform your doctor.

Important Tip : Discard old eye drops that have crossed the lifecycle of 1 month. If you continue using it, it can spread infection.

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