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Oral Hygiene: Are you aware of all the details?

Oral hygiene is something that is in trend and which most of us practice daily. Earlier, it was not as widely emphasized as it is done now. It can be either brushing the teeth or rinsing the mouth after every meal. People now understand the benefit of this and hence have extensively grown into daily lives.

After waking up in the morning or after a tiring day, the one thing we look forward to will be a good meal. Eating a meal without much of a hindrance can only happen if the teeth are well kept. Henceforth taking good care of the teeth becomes necessary. Some facts about the benefits of a good oral regime:

  • Bad Breath:

Improper oral hygiene can lead to bad breath which can make one lose self-confidence. Halitosis, or bad breath, can be embarrassing and can even cause anxiety in some cases. In many stores, you will find mouth refreshing gums, mints, and mouth fresheners are only temporary approaches to any problems. Bad breath may be caused by certain foods, illnesses, and habits. To make sure you don’t have a more serious condition causing your bad breath, seek the advice of a dentist or physician.

Halitosis: Oral Hygiene
Halitosis: Oral Hygiene

There are many causes for bad breath. The factors related to this are related to the root cause that is affecting it to cause. However, some food like onion, garlic or pungent smelling ingredient may contribute to bad breath. Tobacco is also an item that fosters bad breath or Halitosis, along with many other causes that may be responsible for this. So, a dentist can take care of the real cause and help you better combat the problem.

  • Healthy Teeth & Digestion:

Healthy teeth, which can be attained by maintaining a proper diet and oral regime helps digestion. Surprised? This is absolutely true. Good teeth help in breaking down the food, or else it will lead to indigestion which may also lead to malnutrition. Mastication or chewing is the first and important step towards proper digestion. The cheek and tongue help the food get into the teeth which then grind it into finer granules. Breaking down the food will allow the nutrition to assimilate into the body.

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  • Best Oral Hygiene leads to Best Confidence:

We all know that a sweet smile can work wonders in many cases. If one takes the best care of his or her teeth by following the correct regime confidence is bound to be reflected in the smile. Good teeth give the confidence to smile and teeth render a good shape to the face. You are more likely to be remembered for your teeth when you smile. Fashion trends are often influenced by how one’s teeth appear. For a tooth to have a sense of self-confidence, it is best to provide it with the dental health it requires.

  • Wrong chewing posture may be bad for Face & Jaws:

Did you know that a proper chewing posture boosts the muscular movement of your jaws and they form the facial structure?  If No, then read this. How you chew your food decides your mouth exercise, just like Yoga helps the body chewing helps the mouth. Incorrect position deteriorates the shape which we surely may not want.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene leads to other diseases:

Poor mouth hygiene can be a risk factor for various systematic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, gastrointestinal disorders. So, this is as important for your health as checking regular blood pressure.

The regular dental check-up will help in identifying early causes of tooth decay which can be resolved with simple dental procedures. Neglect will lead to multiple dental appointments and complicated procedures.