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Friendship Day: Trick & Tips to spread love

Happy Friendship Day!

Today is ‘Friendship’s Day’ but this year we can not enjoy it as we did earlier. Unfortunately, this lockdown does not allow us to have a ball of time together. Do you feel unsafe going out and partying with your friends? Are you thinking to plan out something different and memorable to make your friend feel special, right from your home?

Time to worry is gone in Internet days. Right sitting on your sofa watching a web series, gobbling some homemade snacks you can easily make the day special for your friends.

Six cool ideas for Friendship Day:

1. Anonymous wishes –

Lockdown has successfully locked our spirits as well but if you want you can easily make your days great with some good creative works. And all the while you stay well you can also plan to make these days great for others as well. So, this Friendship’s Day, assign 10 to 12 common friends of yours and wish each other through a video conference call. Feel yourself and make others feel that you all are in front of each other. Ask all of them to have some munching items so that they can comfortably eat and talk while all the camera phones are placed on a selfie stand for a comfortable session.

2. Recreating the childhood pictures –

You can definitely add this to your list if you are planning to surprise your friend on this friendship day. You can use their childhood picture and recreate it. And then you can upload it to any social media site tagging them. They would definitely love it if they find this on their accounts.

3. Personalized Magazines & Newspapers –

Personalised gifts are really on the treading list nowadays. And it feels so good to receive a personalised magazine or a newspaper on you. And the best part about this gift is that you can easily design it yourself; you need not pay outside to some designers. You can easily create it on Microsoft Word write poems and the moments they were present for you by adding all the memorable pictures into it mentioning the best memories. and you can mail it to your friend. Your friend will love your effort with the core of their heart.

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4. Reach out to their hearts by stomach:

Food can lift up our moods. So this friendship day order the favourite meals of your friends to their addresses without letting them know. If your friend is a true foodie then this amazing idea can not go wrong!

5. Create a social media page for Friendship Day:

You can create a social media page solely dedicated to your friendship. Post their funny memorable pictures and express your love via
writing long captions. Post the pictures of your friends along with you, at every hour to sparkle the excitement within them.

6. Netflix Party –

What better way to spend these occasions indoors; than a Netflix and virtual chill? How about hosting a virtual Netflix party to screening their favorite shows?

  • Download the Netflix Party extension, to your chrome.
  • Play your desired show on Netflix.
  • Click on NetFlix Party extension icon.
  • Start the Party.
  • Share the URL with your buddies.
  • Celebrate this Friendship day with your lovely friends staying indoors because we can break the chain of this deadly virus. Share love with your friends making them safe.

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