Is your fashion in sync with latest Monsoon fashion trend?

Fashion is part of daily life and it changes all the time, with all the events of the season. You can even see the approaching revolution in the clothes. You can see and feel everything in your clothes. ” — Diana Vreeland

Monsoon is the best season to romance, be it with humans or your wardrobe the season stands best. Pacing up with the latest Monsoon fashion trend needs some expert tips. Here I give some for this year. It comes with the flavour of nature’s beauty. And in this lovely season, you must choose the fashion trends which fit your personality.

We can not deny the fact that, more or less, we all love this season, but sometimes it ruins our style statement when we step out of the house while it’s raining. And we become a bit conscious about how and what to wear. Nature in the monsoon season is the most likely to be experienced. Let’s not ruin the rain with our clothes. Instead, let’s choose what makes us attractive. Giving a new look to yourself with a great style statement can add charm to your personality. And this article can surely help you to get your wardrobe full of beautiful outfits.

Comfort is important for any Monsoon Fashion trend –

Fashion is all about comfort mixed with style, and it even aims to display your personality that mesmerizes people. Due to humidity, we always think to wear something light. And even these outfits surely change your entire look, giving you a classy, stylish effect.

Play with the colours:

Choosing the right set of clothing with the best colours is a task! While selecting the right colours, it is important to know the trendy colours for this season. And the combination of blue and white is the right colour to sport this season. Blue and white are the happy colours and they almost go for every season and occasion. Both colours are soothing for our souls and give us inner peace. Fill your wardrobe with a combination of blues and whites and feel the calmness it provides to your eyes. Blue is a cool colour and when it’s combined with white, nothing can go better than this.

The right choice for the fabrics:

Blended fabrics of cotton, cotton silk and linen are the ideal choice. Which is mostly used in these Monson collections. The right choice of fabrics is very important, as some of the fabrics lose their lustre when they get wet.

In the collection ‘Bandhan’ I have used natural elements like motifs, trees, flower foliage, water etc. The technique being used is Shibori, which is itself a Japanese traditional tie-dye process. It’s developed creatively by giving it a traditional touch. The fabric is completely embellished with Shibori, quilted jackets & minimal Kantha work. It creates a very cool and refreshing mood.

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latest monsoon fashion colours

Unisex clothing in the collection:

Male styling:

The men’s design could be worn with a jacket or without a jacket. The big tree motif is done in the kurta by using cotton silk handwoven fabric, with a concealed placket, while the men’s churidar with a kurta is done in bleached cotton silk fabric very light and soft, which can be perfect for the season. A small newborn leaf is done with the tree motif by embroidery to embellish the big tree motif, as in the monsoon, blossom tree. The jackets are designed in a way that forms the scene of a raindrop in a large pond. The quilting technique, the cotton silk handwoven fabric used to make the jacket, the asymmetrical cut used, and the bottom used-it’s handmade ceramic looks like a lotus leaf.

Unisex styling by Abhisek Naiya
Unisex styling by Abhisek Naiya

Female styling:

The female long dress uses the same technique as the men’s kurta, using the same materials and same techniques in its cuts. The bottom part is very asymmetrical. The shrugs are made of chiffon silk. It is used for its downfall character and its translucency.

So this Monson breaks the stereotype of using dark shades like black and brown, which have dominated the Monson styling for the past few eras. This season, drop the previous trends and try out these collections and make your own style statement.