Khadi and creativity paves way to unique collections

Khadi is a popular fabric in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Coined by Mahatma Gandhi during the Freedom Movement of the Indian Subcontinent against the Britishers, the fabric is hand spun and woven from cotton. It is derived from the word khaddar. Amidst the good news that Khadi and Village Industry Commission (KVIC), India gets Trademark registration in Bhutan, UAE and Mexico, our designer Avishek Naiya has created an oomph factor with this historical fabric.

avishekk naiya
Avishek Naiya – the designer

If we talk about his latest creations of his, it is amusing to know that the dye is originally an organic colour, which was red from red chilli, turmeric yellow from turmeric, green from Neem leaf and indigo blue from Neel. The most interesting part is the way the photography has been done manifesting the village scenes from the mesmerizing Bengal. Naiya though makes it a point to bring in khadi that is woven at Murshidabad yet the finished products highly speak of elite sophistication along with the historical importance of both the place and fabric. All the fabrics are developed in solid colour from the inspired all four colours from four natural elements, asymmetric, curves lines are following in the pattern.

Red Chilli Khadi Dress
Red Chilli Khadi Dress

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Men’s very simple curve lines are used in the upper part of the body of the kurta and the lines define or ornamented by pittal katori tikki work, which more look like a line of dots. Ankle length of pyjama used with the kurta, kurta and pyjama done in the same colour, for example, blue kurta and blue pyjama.

Green Khadi Kurta

Women’s asymmetric centre balance cuts of long dresses used attach layered pattern, it looks like two different part on the same upper body. The curve lines are ornamented by katori tikki work. The styling is done from a very common observation from the women’s daily life especially in Bengal, after got a bath they wrap hair by ‘gamcha’ to dry it naturally, so that way of common activities is used in styling the collection.

Yellow turmeric woman’s dress with a matching turban

Khadi may seem to be a plain fabric but the works and creativity pumped into the fabric can peep into the glamourous wardrobe and speak highly of our Indian culture, heritage and history. The simplicity becomes the elegance and this is well crafted by our own designer Avishekk Naiya.

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