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Losing Weight Post-Partum – For All New Mothers

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There are many amongst us, who have just given birth to a baby. However, all women have to endure a lot of trouble while doing so. First, the nine months, with a huge belly and umpteen stretch marks is harrowing. Not to mention, the months preceding that time.


Tips And Tricks To Get It Right


– Breastfeeding is the best thing that you should practice, to lose weight after pregnancy. Breastfeeding may provide numerous health benefits for both the woman and the baby.



– You should lose your post pregnancy weight gradually. Do not try to hurry. Your diet should never not be taken lightly.  Especially if you are breastfeeding, you should consume a nutritious diet for the proper nourishment of both you and your child. Mother’s milk is most important. If you do not eat nutritious food, the milk production lessens.

– Set a small goal for weight loss rather that rapid weight loss. The right number of calories will help you to keep your energy and milk supply up intact. Individual calorie needs are highly variable and depend on body size, age, activity level, and how much you’re breastfeeding. If you’ve been consuming calories above the bare minimum, try to cut down 500 calories daily from your diet.

– Diet should be rich in fiber. Consuming soluble fiber keeps your hunger hormones in check and helps you eat less as a result. So, that is what you have to do.


– Include good quality and quantity of protein in your diet. There are many protein rich foods which will boost your metabolism and bring down your calorie intake by decreasing your appetite. Protein rich foods like Fish, Chicken, Dal, sprouts etc. will supply the necessary nutrients.

– Avoid foods rich in sugar and refined carbs, that have low nutrient value and yet, are high in calories. Processed foods and beverages are to be avoided completely. They include fast food, ready-made cakes, potato chips, and soda etc.

-Physical activity, alongside a balanced diet, may help promote healthy postpartum weight loss. Aerobic exercise is especially important for fat loss. You can go for a walk to improve your weight and mental health.


-Drinking enough water is vital for anyone trying to lose weight. Moreover, drinking water may increase your sense of fullness and stimulate your metabolism, leading to weight loss.

– For new mothers, getting enough sleep can be a challenge. A lack of sleep can negatively affect your weight. But doing whatever you can to get adequate sleep will benefit you. Try to sleep when the baby sleeps. And, you can stay awake, when your baby demands.


These are a few ways, that you can lose post-partum weight. It is important to answer your own and also your baby’s needs. In fact, both are extremely important today. So, try to gain the know-how and practice a great diet regime and exercises as well. You can lead a great life and be healthy too.

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