Amidst Adversities

Persistence Is The Key To Success Amidst Adversities – That Is What Abhrajita Is All About

With most niche businesses shutting shop and few in the doldrums due to the pandemic, one thing that persists is ‘Persistence’ itself. That is Abhrajita Mondal for you. The lady is standing amidst crossroads. Abhrajita Mondal left her decade-long job in the Administration-HR field, only to swim alone in the vast sea of possibilities, an individual with a penchant for beauty, wellness, grooming, fitness, and makeup. 

An individual who has fought most of her battles alone has come a long way. Today, she believes that work speaks for itself. Presently, she is taking care of a grownup baby, that is her Ladies Salon ‘Fashion For Every You’. Abhrajita has managed to stick to her principles in life while conducting her daily affairs. Abhrajita is constantly bringing new services like nail extensions amidst her offerings. 

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She is self-reliant to the core. Alongside, she also started her fashion – clothing styling business a year before Covid struck. A Make-Up Artist in her own right, Abhrajita is constantly taking part in workshops to upgrade her game. She has done quite a few beauty makeup assignments, along with creative and abstract photoshoots for photographers. This would feel like an exaggeration, but Abhrajita managed to complete a course in Ayurveda Therapies and Disease Management amidst the pandemic last year, through offline mode. Her plans of opening an Ayurveda – Yoga Wellness Clinic were thwarted, but not her spirit.

Abhrajita has started providing Ayurveda and yoga services to ladies currently at the client’s residence until restrictions and infections are brought down by the complete vaccination of the state. Again, she is continuing her Yoga TTC from one of the renowned Colleges in offline mode.

Abhrajita constantly believes in learning new things and exploring the unknown. She is an avid traveller, food-lover and has chosen an alternate spiritual worship path. The elements beckon her. She loves adrenaline-pumping activities, like 900-muphill climbs and treks. You must have read her articles about other women trying to rise on Woman Times. She is actively involved in blogging and writing for several national and international clients. 

Abhrajita calls herself a Wellness Solution Provider. You can ask about any of the eight dimensions of wellness. She has a good following on Instagram, also started her own YouTube channel- Abhrajita’s Wellness Mantra, in 2021. You can ask her anything about the latest fashion trends, to Yogic diets for the new age.

She will be able to help you out. Despite adversities that have risen due to the pandemic, she is masked, following all protocols and conducting all her ventures as a one-woman army. While you may be reading this, he is busy planning her next surprise in the meanwhile. And this while handling a 10-month baby girl of her own, born in the Covid era. 


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