“Respect women when she is single” – Kavita Bhawnani

“We all are like butter toast, very dry in ourselves but we always wear a pretentious makeup that is the butter we wear on ourselves”, says Kavita.

At 60, she denies looking at her number. Dynamic, confident and a go-getter at this age, Kavita Bhawnani thinks beyond the box. A guest chef at J.W.Marriott, she is a complete food enthusiast.

Kavita Bhawnani says, “I am born and brought up in a conservative family where girls did not have much independence. Birth of a girl child in itself was looked down upon. There were many restrictions as I was the first girl child.” She was married at 17, and with that came her way all forms of adjustments. Like all married women, she jumped into the pool of compromises and sacrifices. After all trial and error attempts, she decides to satisfy the hearts of her in-laws through their gastronomical expertise. And her achievement in this regard is a corroborated fact.

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Kavita Bhawnani
The little girl in her makes her one with the children

The Fighter:

Life is always a teacher, throwing lessons for which one is never prepared. Kavita, who always considered herself as a soldier of life, fights anything that comes her way. The two big fights of her life were – her 10-month-old son’s death and her husband’s demise. Her perception changed, she began looking at things differently. Fighting for two years when her husband left her alone on this Earth in 2017, she decided to turn things around her.

Bhawnani says, “I accepted his death, and thought of keeping myself strong for my daughter. I started taking classes for women who could not afford cooking classes. Maybe the way I was brought up or my fighting spirit I could fight through all the battles.” When her husband was diagnosed with Cancer and doctors told her that he has few months left, she took up the responsibility on herself to keep him spirited, positive and jovial. In her words, “I told him that I will take you to all the new places in the city so that I never feel that you could not see these places.”

Kavita Bhawnani fought her husband’s death all alone. She recalls a moment when she was returning home from the hospital she sat on a staircase of the Lake Mall clueless and hopeless. But sipping a cup of tea, she geared her mind up to fight the next day. After losing her husband she gathered all the courage to take care of her daughter, Sneha Bhawnani.

She believes that a woman’s respect is best shown when she is alone. Breaking the family stereotypical preference of a boy child she raised her daughter with much freedom and choice. Sneha is a lawyer by profession practising in Delhi for a company.

Kavita Bhawnani with Saheb Chattopadhyay
Kavita Bhawnani with Saheb Chattopadhyay

Winning her Dreams:

With all the dreams buried since her childhood, responsibilities pushed them to a corner which was left all alone. But as she believes that widows get life twice she started living her dreams again. Participating in pageants and winning the title of ‘Heart & Soul Most Stylish Super Classic Mrs India 2019’ gives her new wings. 

Her Best Friend:

It is known to all that daughters are the best friend of their mothers and similarly, Kavita is no exception. Being the fact that her world revolves around her daughter they share the best bonding being each other’s support. From visiting malls to wearing each other’s jeans, from eating vada pao to sharing every secret they are each other’s best friends.

Kavita being the chef
Kavita Bhawnani being the chef

Kavita’s future work:

Being a widow, Kavita takes the responsibility to enlighten the lives of the widows. She thinks and believes that widows also have the right to live their life in their desired way. “I think widows are more loved by the Almighty as He decides that she must live a life of her choice”, says Bhawnani. She also plans to carry her culinary expertise ahead in terms of helping women to realise their dreams through gastronomical expertise.

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