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Women photographers: The phenomena is rising

Women photographers are no lesser talented than men. Almost half of the professional photographers are men universally, but they are less celebrated, underpaid and often ignored. Gone are the days when commercial photography was considered only men’s forte; now, women are doing excellent in the field.

Keeping all these inhibitions aside, Calcutta School Contemporary of Photography has been grooming women photographers and preparing them for the future. In India, for a woman to travel alone for her passion is not easily acceptable to her parents or in-laws. However, with changing times, the scenario is changing. Some can voice themselves, and for others, the family is changing the mindset.

Click on the photo to watch the short film on the women photographers.

In an initiative of CSCP, a video on women’s day speak immensely on the hurdles of a woman photographer and why it is not a smooth sail for them. While we talk about empowerment, technology and women’s safety, staying out for even a night is taboo in many houses. Though people are overcoming the concepts, it is mandatory to understand the social structure that forbids the free pursuit of a woman’s passion.

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On world photography day, here is our salute to all the women photographers who have excelled in the field and are on the way to excel in future.

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