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Yoga a beautiful art to a healthy living

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Yoga a beautiful art

Yoga acts as a healing therapy for your mind and soul, including pranayama, meditation, chanting, lectures on philosophy, and various kriya for internal detoxification.

Benefits of yoga:

  • Improves flexibility.
  • Strengthens your muscles.
  • Get correct posture.
  • Deep nicer sleep.
  • Supports quality life and it continues

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Ways to keep ourselves healthy from mind and body:

  • Focus on ur self-fitness to spread happiness in this tough time.
  • Get up in mid of ur long office, studies or any kind of virtual sessions.
  • Stretch ur body in between.
  • Always drink lots of water which keeps the circle of getting up to fill the bottle as well as urination.
  • Intake low calories.
  • Wash your eyes.
  • Visit your balcony or window and feel the nature around you.
  • Eye contact with nature soothes your eyes and vision.
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