chocolate Malpua Sizzler

The Chocolate Malpua Sizzler Recipe

If you wonder what the dish is all about. Yes, the cat is out of the bag. Malpua is famous in most Northern and Eastern States. It is an Indian pancake. However, this treat or dessert has been made in various forms to highlight the region and culinary expertise. The famous sweet dish goes back to the Vedic times. Places like Bihar, Odisha, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bengal prepare the dish with regional touches.

Religious Connotations of Malpua

You will also hear about it in association with Lord Jagannath in Odisha. These sweet pancakes are served with rice pancakes, called ‘Patishapta’ on Makar Sankranti. Other than that, it is also served during Raja Sankranti. You will hear about it, being associated with ‘Chappan Bhog’ for Janmashtami and Govardhan Puja.

If you delve deep into the origins of the Malpua, you will find that it goes back at least 3,000 years. It was made from barley flour and then fried in ghee, and then dipped in honey. You will find it being sold in sweetmeat shops today, as working coupled do not have the time to buy it during the festivals. Therefore, they mainly buy ready-made ones. However, the ones you make at home are the most delicious of the lot.

Culinary experts are experimenting with different varieties of Malpua. The chocolate one is just one of them.

The Chocolate Malpua Sizzler Recipe


Wheat Flour 3 tbsp
Sooji 1 tsp
Dark chocolate 2 tsp
Chocolate syrup
Dry fruits
Choco chips
Sizzler plate

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Take the wheat flour, Sooji, dark chocolate paste and mix all ingredients with milk as per the requirement to make a smooth and fluffy batter. After that, you have to take a little amount of the batter, make round and flat pancakes, and fry them in medium flame till golden brown colour. Then take out Malpua from the pan.

Heat the sizzler plate and put butter on it. Next, put the chocolate syrup as a coating on top. You can then put the Malpua on it. Now pour the chocolate syrup, and then garnish with Rabdi, dry fruits, and chocolate chips.

The Chocolate Malpua sizzler is ready to serve.

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Why Sizzler?

Now you must be thinking, what the sizzler has to do with Malpua. A sizzler is a hot plate on which the food is cooked directly. It is like an open grill. Many other delicacies like sizzler vegetables and sizzler meat steaks are also cooked on hot plates. You can also call it a single-dish meal in the true sense of the word. The plate is basically heated well, and then the same is served in that.

Chocolate, especially the dark one, has a lot of benefits. Most people love to have them when down. Dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate in various ways. It is said to increase the happiness hormones in the brain. You can also have such delicacies to get rid of stress. Apart from being nutritious, chocolates have a lot of anti-oxidants. The natural ingredient in chocolates, called cacao, can also improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.

You can have a great time while having such delicacies with family and friends. Celebrate occasions a bit differently with the dark chocolate Malpuas. They will change your day.

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