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Winter Health Tips for the Current Pandemic Situation

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Winter Health Tips

As we are going through one of the most dreadful pandemic of the millennium healthy lifestyle &hygiene has become the key to prevention of contagious diseases.Winter is knocking at our doors & we have seen surge of COVID cases in Europe & USA with the advent of winter

Here are some health tips for you to be followed to boost your immunity up & to stay healthy during winter.

1) *Healthy Diet*:

Eating a well-balanced diet including whole grains, lean meats, sea fish, eggs, legumes, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices as well as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to the boost immune system. We should have an optimum intake of foods rich in vitamin C, like citrus fruits for e.g. Orange, Amla, Mausambi, as it helps to strengthen our immune system and to keep our body healthy.

Avoid consuming outside food. Winter is a time for adding delicacies to your togue. So try out new dishes & your favourite ones at your home itself.

2) *Exercise*:

You must engage in physical activity during this season, as it will help you to keep warm.Your routine should include yoga, pranayama, aerobics or any form of physical activity will help to keep you active and boost your immune system improving defence against seasonal ailments like flu, cold, & respiratory infections due to COVID 19.

3) *Skin Care*:

Damaged skin is one of the commonest problems of winter. The cold weather damages the skin and that results in dry, and flaky skin, dry lips, and cracked bloody heels. Skin care in winter is a must and should include moisturising lotions, gels, and sun protection creams. Moreover, you need to increase the intake of water. That will help you to keep hydrated.

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4) *Adequate water intake*:

Drink at least 4-5 litres of water every day and stay hydrated. Water helps in cleansing our system and also removes toxins from the body. It also helps to carry nutrients to the body cells and helps to balance body fluids.

5) *Adequate Sleep*:

You need a good amount of sleep. It helps to keep the body’s immune system strong, eliminates the stress hormone cortisol and burns calories for you.  Your body replenishes itself after a good night’s sleep. Moreover, you should also take a short afternoon nap.

6) *Proper Hygiene*:

Maintain hygiene by washing hands, to keep the virus, and bacteria at bay.  Use of hand sanitizer should become a mass societal practice by all.

Maintain physical distance norms & avoid public gathering or overcrowding. Make sure to avoid crowded places.

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 7) *Quit Smoking*:

Those who smoke a lot, suffer from lung ailments. Thus, you will be susceptible to colds, and lung disorders. Moreover, you can also catch the Covid-19 virus very easily. It can have devastating effects on your health.

8) *Vitamin D supplementation*:

You need to soak your body in the warm sun, as our body requires vitamin D – which is essential for maintaining health and immunity. Those of you, who have bone pain, osteo-arthritis, and post-menopausal symptoms, must take at least 8 weeks of Vitamin D supplementation. There are so many supplements, that are available in the market today.

9) *Clothing*:

Wear cots wool and dark-coloured clothes to keep you warm when you go out in the winters.Use of face mask is compulsory. Also cover your ears when going out for a walk or driving.

Follow all these tip s to counter the chill this season.

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